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Small particle size colloidal silica, due to its colloidal particles and contact points increase rapidly comparing to other silica sols in equivalent amount, so it has strong cohesiveness, which can enhance the strength of film and spreadability and be widely applied in high-grade and special coatings.

Neutral and ammonia colloidal silica can be used in waterborne coating, natural stone coating and emulsion, greatly enhancing their compatibility with emulsions for architectural coatings.

Colloidal silica can prevent dry coating from falling sand off.

The decoration items made of chemical fiber processed by colloidal silica is anti-static and stain resistance, prevent dust in the air from adhering.

The fine SiO2 particles of colloidal silica adhere to the wax film on the floor, which makes the floor anti-slip, and its glossiness is unaffected.

Colloidal silica, as the aqueous solution of silicon dioxide, can be used as base material of waterborne coatings, is more environmental.

Colloidal silica is the binder and film former of structural coatings of inorganic polymer, has good permeability in concrete and cement mortar. After permeating, coatings firmly adhered to wall when particles expanding, which greatly enhance its hardness and reducibility as well as water resistance,weather resistance, high temperature resistance, stain resistance, acid resistance,alkali resistance, brightness and fadeless.

Recommend types: HS-830、HS-1430、THS-515、HSZ-1430

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