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Colloidal silica, thanks to its small particle size, large specific surface area, appropriate pore volume, pore size and pore distribution, can be used as the catalyst carrier in petrochemicals, molecular sieves and medicine to enhance the activity of catalyst, speed up the catalysis and production efficiency, without by-products and salts. 

Taking colloidal silica as the carrier of catalyst will improve recovery of aryl cyanide when producing it.  

HS-40 colloidal silica as catalyst carrier of acrylonitrile applied to production of acrylonitrile improving its recovery.

The addition of the colloidal silica to the hydrocracking catalyst of multicomponent molecular sieve  increase the activity of hydrocracking and selectivity of the cracked product.

Colloidal silica can be used for the production of maleic anhydride by benzene oxidation, the synthesis of methyl methacrylate, the chlorination of hydrocarbon and the dehydrogenation of alcohol.

Recommend types: HS-1430、HSD-3030、HSD-10040、HSZ-30、HS-40

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