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Colloidal silica with wook lubricating oil used in wool and rabbit hair, increase their cohesive force improve spinnability, reduce broken-end/breakage, prevent flyings.

Colloidal silica added into the textile resin, make the yarn anti-slip, fabric stiff and dry, sheen controllable.

The addition of colloidal silica to the sizing agent of warp yarn can improve its adhesion, easy to form membrane, save sizing agent, shorten the drying time.

Colloidal silica added to starch glue to treat the fabrics such as carpet make it anti-slip, dust-proof,prevent static electricity and dust.

Surface heat resistance of the inorganic fiber can be increased by colloidal silica.

The nylon rope processed with colloidal silica can increase the friction between the monofilament, anti-slip and reduce elongation. The nylon yarns immersed in 5% colloidal silica woven into socks can reduce rags.

The bedding made of synthetic fibers is easy to slip. If the fiber of the bedding processed with colloidal silica, it will be more fluffy, resilient and anti-slip.

Chemical fiber processed with colloidal silica can get the delustering effect.

Colloidal silica can be used in fabric dyeing because of its cohesiveness, which can form an excellent protective solution, facilitate the dye adhere to the surface of the fabric increasing its uniformity and fastness and preventing aggregation.

Colloidal silica can firm the network cloth of fabrics made of viscose fiber, acetate fiber, polyester and polypropylene, etc.

Textiles and knitwear processed with colloidal silica, hardness, compactness,texture,dimensional stability and elastic recovery rate will be enhanced, besides, have the advantages of delustering,anti-slip, wear-resistant, washable,stain resistance,anti-static and so on.

Recommend types:  HS-830、HS-1430、HSD-3030、HSD-3045、HSD-5040、HSDW-3030、HSDW-3045

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