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Service Refractory Additive

Colloidal silica has good cohesiveness, thermal shock resistance and chemical inertness as well as high temperature tolerance up to 1600 °C, can be used as binder in refractory and thermal insulation materials,etc enhancing their tolerance to high temperature and thermal shock, increasing the product's strength and resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

When making the insulation quilt of ceramic stove, colloidal silica as binder, aluminum silicate fiber felt impregnated with it, adding coagulant, which makes ceramic stove heat preservation and thermal insulation.

Cookwares added with colloidal silica perform nonflammable, smoke-free, environmental friendly.

When making the magnetic core of transformer, colloidal silica as binder sticking the silicon steel sheets together, which makes it insulated and heat resisting.

Silicon steels added with a certain quantity of colloidal silica, its appearance, insulating property, heat resisting property and magnetism will be improved, thermal expansion coefficient will be depressed as well. 

Recommended types: HS-1430、HS-40、THS-515

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