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1.Pharmaceutical materials

2.Facilitate soap curing.

3.Colloidal silica as the binder of coating of XIR(extreme infrared) radiation is heat resisting, its radiation is unaffected as well.

4.Carbon products treated with colloidal silica can reduce loss due to surface oxidation.

5.A little colloidal silica added to fuel oil can prevent ash from assembling on the diesel engine.

6.When producing enamel, the addition of colloidal silica can reduce coefficient of expansion so that improve adhesiveness of tetrafluoroethylene.

7.Colloidal silica is superior dispersant and absorbent of printing ink, taking it as basic ingredient of pigment in the coating of ink jet obtain good printed definition and optical density, accelerate ink drying rate and greatly reduce binder consumption.

8.Adding colloidal silica improve the performance of foam to generate more stable wet foam when beating. 

9.Adding colloidal silica to sizing agent consisting of malt pulp, wood pulp, straw pulp and so on. After sizing agent melting, heat press to molding, when PH scale up to 9, colloidal silica will permeate and expand in aperture of inner and outer surface of paper cup, and form a waterproof membrane which makes the paper cup water resistant.

10.25-30% colloidal silica added into the glass, high quality borosilicate glass can be obtained

11.Colloidal silica prevent galvanized sheet from rusting in humid environment.

12.Broadcasting Equipment: Colloidal silica can be used as dispersant for kinescope and fluorescent screen due to its good dispersibility and cohesiveness. 

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