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Colloidal silica, thanks to its large specific surface area and strong reactivity, chemical bonding with cation surfactant and pulp fiber, is a significantly component in the “wet end”of paper manufacturing, act as retention and drainage aid, enhance the retention rate of cellulose fiber and improves water drainage.

Small particle size colloidal silica as the additives painted over to the white board can prevent it from penetrating water.

Sensitive paper processed by sensitive solution mixed with colloidal silica, the surface of the paper filled with silicon dioxide is more smooth, image is more bright and distinct, exposure ranges is increased.

The color of photographic paper will be more fixed after processing by colloidal silica.

Blueprint paper, copy paper and the coating of offset print treated with colloidal silica, their surface is smoother, image is clear and contrast ratio is enhanced.

Colloidal silica replace the clay, talcum powder and coating of silica powder when making carbonless paper, which facilitate its color brightness.

Artificial fiber, plastic films and cellophane tend to be sticky in summer, if they processed by colloidal silica mixing with glycerin, the problem can be solved.

The surface of kraft paper, corrugated paper and cement bag processed by colloidal silica, coefficients of friction increased, anti-slip in transport and stack, moisture-proof enhanced as well.

The perforated paper used in the electronic computer, after being coated with colloidal silica, results in its surface with high stability, anti-slip and good printability.

Recommended types: HS-830、HS-1430、THS-515、HSD-10040

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