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Colloidal silica is an excellent binder in precision casting, surface and back coating of the shell thanks to its low contractility, good cohesiveness and high temperature tolerance.

Surface layer colloidal silica HS-830 enhance the degree of finish of surface and improve high temperature resistance capacity so as to increase the one-pass rate of finished products and reduce the working time and the cost of sand cleaning.

Back layer colloidal silica HS-1430 greatly increase the efficiency of shell-making and the stability of shell quality, is suitable to be applied in automatic shell production line so that shorten working time and save cost.

Our colloidal silica HSKP-27 and HSKP-30 accelerate the drying and falling rate of the shell, facilitate low residue and high rate of finished products.

Recommended types: HS-1430、HS-830、HSKP-27、HSKP-30、HS-40

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